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Diamond Butterfly Effect Necklace

Diamond Butterfly Effect Necklace

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The Butterfly Effect is the idea that small things can have some of the greatest impacts on a complex system. The concept is imagined with a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a typhoon. The tendency of a dynamic system to be sensitive to initial conditions intrigues the human mind and leaves it to be open minded spiritually. Even the smallest butterfly is capable of the strongest hurricanes. You are just as ethereal and spontaneous as a butterfly. You too are capable of bringing great change by the simplest efforts.

Spread your wings and bloom with our Butterfly Effect Necklace. It may be pure and delicate but its impact is fierce and powerful. Wearing it will surround your decisions with luck and the positive effectiveness of your choices increase greatly. If you are looking to match, this enchanting Butterfly Effect Necklace pairs perfectly with our Butterfly Effect Huggies (also sold as a set)! The two compliment each other and are guaranteed to make your look complete!

Our butterfly pendant is built with the highest quality 14k gold vermeil over a decent 925 pure sterling silver that helps it shine like never before. This remarkable pendant is decorated with only the finest 5A CZ white crystal diamonds. This pendant is descended through an italian figaro chain in the shade of a perfect 14k honey gold, having the measurements of 16" + 2" inch extender. This amazing necklace will make you feel as if you can accomplish anything with just the power of believing in yourself

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