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Halloween Advanced Automatic Retractable Vampire Fangs

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Put on these retractable vampire teeth and instantly transform into a real vampire!

Vampire dentures are made of medicine resin without any harm. These fangs are realistic and reusable.
They fit canines or incisors or bottom teeth. This is specially designed for your makeup, especially perfect for Halloween parties or costume parties.

Easy to use :

Put it directly. When you open your mouth, the fangs come out automatically.

Safe material:

These cosplay vampire fangs are made of resin, safe, non-toxic and odorless; just rinse them with plenty of water before using them.

Warm notice:

If the splint is larger for your teeth, you can cut with scissors along the gum line and shorten it; please keep it away from baby and young child to avoid swallowing and eating

Suitable for ages 6 and up

These vampire denture accessories are good for party character play and can be used as vampire, werewolf, cosplay costume accessory.

Professional grade material

Comfortable and realistic, you'll barely realize you're wearing crocs

The package includes:

  • 1 set of Halloween vampire dentures