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Valentine's Day Gift Personalized Double Name Ring-Adjustable size

Valentine's Day Gift Personalized Double Name Ring-Adjustable size

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Celebrate the most important person in your life with this charming symbol of your love! 

With our carefully handcrafted designs based on your requests, you can have an accessory that will feel both beautiful and special.

 W H Y ∙ Y O U ' L L ∙ L O V E ∙ I T
  •  Elegant design - The calligraphic design of the rings is perfect for any casual or formal look.
  • For your loved one - It has great adjustability which is perfect for surprise gifts!
  • Intimate and special - Whether you’re giving it to someone or buying one for yourself, it holds a special sentiment that can be a thoughtful reminder of what matters.


Crafted in 18k Gold, this charming ring strikes the perfect balance between delicate and bold, making it the perfect accessory that they will love to wear all day every day.

Take your pick from any kind of finish among 18k Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold to suit your character best.

H O W ∙ TO ∙ O R D E R

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18k Gold Vermeil

The ultimate luxury, gold is a rare precious metal that does not oxidize or discolor. It has Titanium steel at its core and is plated in a thick layer of gold measuring 2.5-3.0 microns. (This is 5 times thicker and longer-lasting than regular "gold-plated" jewelry.) We use 18k gold for its beautiful, elegant hue and durability.

Titanium Steel

A precious metal recognized for its high durability and strength-to-weight ratio. Made of 92.5% pure titanium and 7.5% other metals. This is a standard base material in high-end jewelry. We plate our silver-tone items in rhodium (a rare, precious metal) for extra luster.

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